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42′ Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer Built for Efficiency

Looking for a versatile and efficient way to transport liquid materials? Look no further than TransWorld Equipment’s 42′ Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer. This high-performance trailer is designed for maximum payload capacity and superior maneuverability, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Here’s what sets our 42′ Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer apart:

  • Lightweight Construction:  Made with durable, lightweight aluminum 5454 (1/4″ thickness), this trailer minimizes weight while maximizing cargo capacity, leading to increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • Enhanced Visibility:  For optimal road safety, the trailer includes 2-inch DOT-approved Grote conspicuity tape for increased visibility during transport.
  • Durable Lighting:  Sealed LED Grote DOT-approved lights housed in a secure aluminum lightbox provide reliable illumination in any condition.

Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer Built to Withstand Tough Conditions:

  • Seamless Aluminum Construction:  Aluminum 5454 gauge 1/4″ tank heads engineered in the ASME shape ensure exceptional strength and durability.
  • Sandblasted for a Clean Finish:  Sandblasted steel parts offer a smooth, professional appearance.
  • Multiple Access Points:  Four (4) strategically placed 20″ manholes – three on top and one on the back head –  facilitate easy loading, unloading, and cleaning.
  • High-Temperature Paint:  AXALTA SS Elite high-temperature paint on steel parts (applied to lower half of the body) delivers long-lasting protection against the elements.

TransWorld Vacuum Trailer

Additional Vacuum Tank Features:

  • Interior protection: High solids interior epoxy lining ensures long-term corrosion resistance and protects the tank from harsh materials.
  • Omega Type stiffener rings for added structural integrity.
  • Double rear discharge assembly with 4-inch butterfly valves for efficient unloading.
  • Driver-side ladder for safe access to the top of the trailer.
  • Air ride suspension for a smooth ride and superior handling.
  • Heavy-duty axles: Two 30,000-pound round axles provide exceptional load capacity.
  • Pressure gauge on the rear for easy monitoring of tank pressure.
  • Automatic slack adjustment for optimal braking performance.
  • Scrubber system for added cleaning efficiency.
  • Main shut-off ball valve at the front, with a secondary ball valve and 12-gallon capacity on the driver’s side with drain for additional control.
  • Double booster for increased braking power.
  • Reinforced 1/4-inch bumper for added protection.
  • Laser wheel alignment for optimal tire wear and fuel efficiency.
  • Fire extinguisher holder for enhanced safety.
  • Eight 11R 22.5 tires for superior traction and load handling.
  • Eight aluminum 22.5 x 8000 lb wheels for lightweight durability.
  • Heavy-duty TWE mud flaps to minimize road spray.
  • Sight glass for easy monitoring of tank level.
  • Durable toolbox with interior light for storing essential equipment.
  • Full-length hose trays on both sides for convenient hose storage.
  • Two rear work lights for improved visibility during nighttime operations.
  • Driver-side catwalk and access ladder for safe and easy access to the top of the tank.

TransWorld Equipment – Your Reliable Partner for Vacuum Tank Trailers

At TransWorld Equipment, we understand the importance of having versatile and reliable equipment for your hauling needs. Our 42′ Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer is built to exceed expectations, offering a lightweight design, exceptional durability, and a wide range of features to maximize efficiency and safety.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get a quote on our 42′ Aluminum Vacuum Tank Trailer.

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