Food Grade Tanker

6,600 Gallon Stainless Steel Food Grade Tanker

Built to Haul Your Food-Grade Products Safely and Efficiently

TransWorld Equipment is proud to offer a premium 6,600-gallon stainless steel food-grade tanker, ideal for transporting a wide variety of food and beverage products. Constructed with high-quality materials and featuring a range of safety and convenience features, this tanker is built to meet the demanding needs of the food service industry. 

TransWorld Foodgrade Tanker for the Food Industry

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 6,600 Gallons
  • Material: T304 Stainless Steel – Built for maximum corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Body: 10 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel (P4) – Ensures durability and a smooth interior for efficient product discharge.
  • Conspicuity Tape: 2-inch Grote DOT-approved tape enhances visibility on the road.
  • Baffles: Not Included (Optional upon request)
  • Lights: LED Grote DOT-approved sealed lights with an aluminum light box for superior illumination.
  • Heads: T304 Stainless Steel, 10 Gauge (P4) with Sandblast Finish – Provides a professional look and additional protection.
  • Manhole: 20-inch BETTS Sanitary Manhole Ring – Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Painting: AXALTA SS Elite High-Temperature Paint (on ½ body) – Offers excellent protection against the elements and high temperatures encountered during product transport.
  • Stiffeners: Omega Type, 12 Gauge – Adds structural integrity to the tank.
  • Anti-Corrosion Measures: Sandblasting on all steel parts for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Ladder: Driver-side ladder for safe and easy access to the top of the tanker.
  • Suspension: Air Ride Suspension – Provides a smooth ride and reduces stress on the tank and chassis.
  • Landing Gear: One Holland Set for secure and stable parking.
  • Axles: Two Round 25,000-lb Axles – Built to handle heavy loads.
  • Lift Axles: One lift axle for improved maneuverability and weight distribution.
  • Welding: 2B Finish for Food Grade – Ensures a smooth and sanitary weld for optimal product safety.
  • Auto Slack Adjusters: Included for automatic brake adjustment and improved safety.
  • External Jacketing: Optional Stainless Steel Mirror Finish – Provides a sleek and professional look.
  • Booster Line: Double booster line for efficient product discharge.
  • Bumper: 1/4-inch steel bumper with reinforcements for added protection.
  • ABS System: Included on both axles for enhanced braking performance.
  • Fenders: Aluminum front and rear fenders for additional mud and debris protection.
  • Laser Wheel Alignment: Ensures proper tire wear and optimal fuel efficiency.
  • Fire Extinguisher Holder: Included for added safety.
  • Tires: Eight 295/75R22.5 Tires – Provide excellent load capacity and durability.
  • Wheels: Eight Aluminum 22.5 x 8000 lb Wheels – Lightweight and strong.
  • Mud Flaps: One set of TransWorld mud flaps for improved road spray control.
  • Decals: No-Code decals are standard. TransWorld decals available upon request.
  • Hydraulic Pump: Optional – Can be added for efficient product unloading.

Built to Last and Built for Safety

At TransWorld Equipment, we understand the importance of safety and reliability when transporting food-grade products. Our 6,600-gallon stainless steel tanker is built with the highest-quality materials and components to ensure your products arrive at their destination safely and securely.

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