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7,200 Gallon Steel Asphalt Tanker

Looking for a high-performance asphalt tanker that can handle the toughest conditions? Look no further than TransWorld Equipment’s 7,200-gallon steel asphalt tanker. This heavy-duty trailer is designed for maximum efficiency and durability, making it the perfect choice for paving professionals.

Here’s what sets our 7,200-gallon steel asphalt tanker apart:

  • Superior Construction:  Made with lightweight, high-durability aluminum 5454 (1/4″ thickness), this tanker offers exceptional strength while minimizing weight, and maximizing payload capacity.
  • Exceptional Heat Resistance:  Featuring a 375° F temperature rating, this asphalt tanker can handle even the hottest loads without compromising performance.
  • Increased Visibility:  2-inch DOT-approved Grote conspicuity tape enhances visibility on the road, promoting safety during transport.

Asphalt Tanks Built to Last:

  • Double-walled protection:  1/4-inch gauge flooring provides a solid foundation, while the  1/4-inch gauge body ensures long-lasting durability.
  • All-weather lighting:  Sealed LED Grote DOT-approved lights encased in an aluminum lightbox deliver reliable illumination in any condition.
  • Fast and Easy Loading/Unloading:  ASTMA36 gauge 10″ lids and a 20″ quick-opening DOT406 compliant manhole ensure efficient loading and unloading of asphalt.

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Additional Asphalt Tank Features:

  • Sandblasted steel parts for a smooth, clean finish.
  • AXALTA SS Elite high-temperature paint on steel parts for long-lasting protection (applied to lower half of the tank body).
  • Omega Type Cal 12″ stiffening ring for added structural integrity.
  • Black center stripe for a sharp, professional look.
  • 6″ rear discharge assembly with 4-inch line and 4-inch gate for efficient unloading.
  • Driver-side ladder (available upon request) for easy access to the top of the tanker.
  • Air ride suspension for a smooth ride and superior handling.
  • Heavy-duty axles: Two 25,000-pound round axles ensure exceptional load capacity.
  • Temperature monitoring: 2-inch dial thermometer with a plexiglass cover for easy temperature monitoring.
  • Optional lift axles for additional weight distribution (available upon request).
  • 3-inch mineral wool insulation for effective heat retention.
  • Automatic slack adjustment for optimal braking performance.
  • Stainless steel mirror finish jacketing for a sleek and corrosion-resistant exterior.
  • Double booster for increased braking power.
  • 1/4-inch reinforced bumper for added protection.
  • ABS system on both axles for enhanced braking control.
  • Laser wheel alignment for optimal tire wear and fuel efficiency.
  • Fire extinguisher holder for added safety.
  • Eight 295/75R22.5 tires for superior traction and load handling.
  • Eight aluminum 22.5 x 8000 lb wheels for lightweight durability.
  • Aluminum fenders (front and rear) that complement the overall aluminum construction.
  • Heavy-duty TWE mud flaps for improved road spray protection.
  • Three safety signal lights for enhanced visibility.
  • Aluminum toolbox for storing essential equipment.
  • 24-inch stainless steel diamond plate walkway for safe and secure access to the top of the tanker.

Hose access:  An 8-inch x 20-foot hose tube located on the passenger side with a lid for convenient access.

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At TransWorld Equipment, we understand the importance of having reliable equipment you can count on. Our 7,200-gallon aluminum asphalt tanker is built to exceed expectations, offering exceptional performance, durability, and safety features.

Contact us today to discuss your asphalt hauling needs and get a quote on our 7,200-gallon aluminum asphalt tanker.

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