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TransWorld Equipment has 53ft Van Trailers for sale. Contact us today for more information on 53ft Vans.

Van Trailers from TransWorld with 53ft chassis

Dimensions: 53 ft, Height 13.5 ft, Width 8.53 ft

Capacity: Loading capacity by design 30 Ton. Evenly distributed. Lower and upper rails STD 10.5

ABS: ABS 2S/1M without diagnostics tool

Brakes: Haldex type 30/30 16.5″ x 7″

Flooring: Laminated hardwood RADWOOD, with anti-skid sheet protection at the door entrance. At 20 1/4 in cal.10

Landing Gear: Holland Mark V

Bumper: DOT rear bumper

Doors: Composite swing doors (composite panel 12mm) with 2 cam type lock on left door and two on right door and 5 hinges per door

Van Trailer from TransWorld with 53ft chassis

Walls: Composite panel side walls, white at front, with white pre-painted aluminum sheet as lining

Innerlinning: Galvanized steel inner linning gauge 18, 12″ high all around

Roof: 19-gauge one-piece aluminum roof with 12″ arches in the front and 24″ in the back. Omega-type roof arch of 98 3/8 cal.16 high-strength galvanized steel

Crossmembers: 4 inch “I” beam crossmembers set at 12 “spacing , on landing gear and bays at 6″ and 12” on the suspension

Components: 1/4″ thick lower front plate; Pull plate in 1/4″ Domexx caliber with cross members on the back between pull plate and landing gear; King Pin Holland 1/4

Dump Valve: Automatic dumpo valve AKHD-203-3

Electrical: One piece sealed harness

Frame: Side lower rails and front lower rail aluminum 10 1/2″. Upper rail aluminum 10.5″ TransWorld 53ft chassis Van Trailer

Suspension: Air Ride

Axles: (2) Rockwell, 30,000 LBS

Wheels: Steel 22.5

Tires: 295/75 22.5

TransWorld 53 ft Van Trailers Inside Inside Look of TransWorld Van Trailers TransWorld Van Trailers Inside

TransWorld’s goal is to provide Van Trailers at an affordable price. Contact us today!


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