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We are recognized as a leading supplier of Intermodal Equipment. With over 20 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of container chassis and ISO tank containers, TransWorld Equipment offers added value service with the highest level of technical assistance for your specific needs.

TransWorld Equipment can advise you of the legal and safe limits for transporting overweight containers and recommend the model chassis that will work best for your specific operation.

Our ISO Tank Containers are available in various capacities, insulated, non-insulated, heated or non-heated and different valve configurations based on your product requirements. Manufacturing capability for ISO tank containers for liquid tanks, gas tanks and high pressure tube skids. TransWorld Equipment specializes in manufacturing ISO tanks with dedicated lightweight chassis to maximize loads; i.e. 40ft LNG tanks with a dedicated 40ft lightweight chassis.

Contact TransWorld Equipment today for your new chassis, used chassis, ISO tank containers, 40ft Road and Rail tanks, used equipment, eight pin chassis racks, tilt chassis and more…

Your company’s needs are our priority and we will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. We value your business and all client relationships are confidential.

Lightweight Spread Axle Tank Chassis

Lightweight Spread Axle Tank Chassis

LNG Tanks with Capacity and Vacuum/ Hold Time Above the Rest

Domestic 40ft Intermodal Tank and Chassis40ft Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tank

We specialize in maximizing capacity legally and safely on U.S. roadways. Capacity and Vacuum/ Hold Time of our LNG tanks are unsurpassed by anyone today.....


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