Intermodal Tank & Chassis System

40-Foot Intermodal Tank & Chassis System

TransWorld Equipment’s 40ft domestic intermodal tank is the innovative patented domestic intermodal solution for bulk liquid transportation. This is the first 40-foot intermodal domestic tank and chassis combination with all DOT, AAR, and International Certifications for legal carriage of chemicals by road, rail, or sea.

The major benefit of our intermodal tank and chassis system is its versatility. It has the equivalent operating options as a standard 407 Tank Truck. The 40-foot intermodal tank can be transported easily and safely over the road (with our combined chassis) and by railroad. Versatility is important as fuel prices continue to rise, driver shortages become more and more prevalent, and equipment availability continues to difficult. Gain capacity for your clients by utilizing rail option with our 40ft tank with the same specifications as a standard 407 tank trailer.

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