GN20-40 Tri-Axle Combo Chassis

  • Handles: (1) Heavy 20ft, (1) HC 40ft or (2) Empty 20ft Container.
  • Other Models available to handle 45ft and 48ft containers.
  • Available in Tri-Axle and Spread Axle configuration.
  • Friction free slider

Equipped to handle one (1) 20' loaded, one (1) 40' HC loaded ISO Container. Option: Two empty 20' Containers. Meets all TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ISO, ANSI, SAE and TTMA specifications.
Overall Length 46 1/2" (excluding rear bumper)
Overall Width 96"
Fifth Wheel Height 46 1/2"
Rear Deck Height 47"
Kingpin Location 17 1/2"
Tri-Axle Spread 61"
Tri-Axle Location 30" (from rear end to tri-axle center)
Tare Weight 10,600 lbs (+3%)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 77,000 lbs for 20' Container
Frame Rating 85,000 lbs for 40' Container
Material 130,000 psi steel for Main Frame Flanges, GR50 or GR80 steel for all others.
Painting Zinc-rich primer and Urethane based topcoat.
Main Beam 16" x 5" fabricated I-beam with high strength flanges, 6" high for GN rail.
Slider Beam 14" high x 5" wide fabricated I-beam, 2 pin locking system.
Crossmember Fabricated channel type not less than 1/4" thick.
Upper Coupler 1/4" thick w/2" dia drain holes, reinforced by 5/16" thick angle type kingpin 2" AAR certificated kingpin.
Rear Bumper 4" x 4" square type step bar supported by "H" type posts.
Twist Locks Compact retractable and drop-in twist locks.
Landing Gear 50,000 lbs capacity, 2-speed 17" travel, low profile sand shoe.
Suspension Hutchens mechanism tri-axle suspension w/spring 360-00
Axle 5" round axles with 22,500lb capacity, 71-1/2" track width, 16 1/2" x 7" Q Brake 28 spline, 6" automatic slack adjusters.
Lubricant Stemco oil seal. Shell Spirex S75W-90 oil lubricant.
Hub & Drum 10 stud hub piloted hubs with outboard mounting cast steel drum.
Rims 22.5 x 8.25 hub-piloted wheels.
Tires 255/70R22.5, 16 ply load range H.
Brake System Wabco 4S/2M ABS brake system, spring brake priority. Phillips 12-008/12-006 gladhand and Haldex type 3030 2.5" stroke brake chamber.
Electrical Truck-lite 12 volt LED lighting system with Phillips modular wiring harness.
Misc Marking, Conspicuity tape, Document holder, 18 x 24 black.

Please note: Specifications, such as tare weights, components and gross vehicle weights, shown are for general illustration purposes. All new chassis can be customized to your specific requirements.

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