20ft Tri-Axle Slider Chassis

20FT Tri-axle Slider Chassis 20FT Tri-axle Slider Chassis

Carries one (1) 20' ISO Container
Meets all TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ISO, ANSI, SAE and TTMA specifications.
Overall Length 33'/41'6" (excluding rear bumper)
Overall Width 96"
Fifth Wheel Height 48"
Rear Deck Height 52" + 1"
Kingpin Location 15" (from front face of front end)
Axle Spread 54-1/2"
Tri-Axle Location 80" (from rear end to tri-axle center)
Tare Weight 11,500 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 78,200 lbs
Material High strength GR50 steel.
Painting Valspar or Kansai Zinc-rich primer and Urethane based topcoat
Main Beam 14" deep x 38lb/ft hot rolled or fabricated H-beam
Slider Beam 10" deep x 30lb/ft hot rolled or fabricated H-beam
Crossmember 1/4: thick fabricated channel type with triangular steel gussets
Upper Coupler 5/16" thick w/2"dia drain holes, reinforced by 1/4:" thick channel type kingpin supporters. Holland or JOST 2" AAR certificated kingpin.
Bolsters 3/8" thick x 8" wide top plate with 6-7/8" wide x 7 1/4" deep x 5/16" thick "U" channel.
Rear Bumper 4" x 4" square type step bar supported by "C" type posts.
Twist Locks Schulz F77ANS or Buffers 1257
Landing Gear 5JOST or Holland 50,000 lbs capacity, 2-speed 19" travel, low profile sand shoe.
Suspension Hutchens mechanism tri-axle suspension (55" axle spread) w/spring 360-00
Axle ANX 5" round axles with 22,500lb capacity, 71-1/2" track, 28 spline, 6" automatic slack adjusters. 16-1/2 x 7" Q Brake.
Lubricant Stemco or SKF seal, Shell LX2 grease lubricant with metal hubcap.
Hub & Drum 5 Spoke Open Rim cast steel drum
Rims 10 Hole disc Wheels.
Tires 11R 22.5 radial Tires
Brake System Wabco 4S/2M ABS brake system, spring brake priority Phillips 12-008/12-006 gladhand and Haldex type 3030 2.5" stroke brake chamber.
Electrical Truck-Lite or Peterson 12 volt lighting system with Phillips Modular wiring harness.
Misc Marking, Conspicuity tape, Document holder, 24 x 30 black rubber mud flap.

Please note: Specifications, such as tare weights, components and gross vehicle weights, shown are for general illustration purposes. All new chassis can be customized to your specific requirements.

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