What is LNG?

LNG is liquefied natural gas, which is natural gas that has been converted to liquid form. Natural gas is made mostly of methane (CH4), the simplest hydrocarbon compound. Natural gas changes to a liquid state at about minus 259 degrees Fahrenheit (-259°F) the same way water turns to a liquid when cooled below 212 degrees Fahrenheit (212°F). LNG takes up 1/600th the physical space required when in gaseous form. Thus, LNG provides an economical way to ship natural gas from one location to another. LNG is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.

TransWorld Equipment and our worldwide partners manufacture highest quality LNG tanks on the market. Our capacity and vacuum/ hold time set us apart from the rest.

With rigorous testing, our LNG tanks meet all ISO standards and safety standards making them a safe carriage of LNG on roads and vessels.

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