Fully ISO certified, our 40ft LNG tank is suitable for the safe carriage of LNG on roads and vessels. New Tank and ISO Container Chassis Brought to you by Transworld Equipment

40ft LNG Tank

TransWorld Equipment and its worldwide partner manufacturer the highest quality 40ft LNG Tanks available on the market today.

Our tanks are fully ISO certified and are suitable for the safe carriage of LNG on roads,and vessels. Our ISO tanks undergo rigorous testing to meet all safety standards. Our LNG tank designs are specifically designed for each client's specific needs for pressure and hold times. We can assist in designing in conjunction with high payload chassis to adhere to U.S. bridge laws in order to maximize payloads.

We specialize in maximizing capacity legally and safely on U.S. roadways. Capacity and Vacuum/ Hold Time of our tanks are unsurpassed by anyone today. TransWorld Equipment can supply the equipment needed in all phases of the delivery and storage or LNG.

For a safer and more efficient way to transport LNG, contact us today. Let put our experience to work for you.


For further information on our 20ft and 40ft LNG tank, please call our office 732-389-1836

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